AT&T Has Completed Acquisition of Qualcomm 700 MHz Spectrum

AT&T has completed its $1.9 billion purchase of 700MHz spectrum from Qualcomm. The spectrum was formerly utilized for the, now discontinued, FLO TV service. The spectrum is said to encompass nearly 300 million residents in the United States and would help AT&T bring their new LTE service to many markets. The Qualcomm spectrum licensing acquisition is definitely good news in a season of bad news for AT&T.

The 700MHz spectrum will give AT&T better signal penetration inside structures and buildings. Until now Verizon Wireless has had the advantage in that realm over AT&T and we hope to see a more even playing field in LTE signal and speeds once AT&T rolls it out to many more markets. We only wish that AT&T could have also used some of those funds and resources that it will be sending to T-Mobile for their failed buy-out towards their own network improvements. It is estimated that nearly $6 billion will be coming out of the pockets of AT&T and into the hands of T-Mobile USA parent company, Deutsche Telekom. If they never attempted the buy-out of T-Mobile USA in the first place would they have spent that much money on their own network right away? What a waist of assets.

[spoiler] AT&T Completes Purchase of Wireless Spectrum from Qualcomm
Dallas, Texas December 27, 2011

AT&T* announced today that it has completed its acquisition of spectrum from Qualcomm. AT&T purchased 700 MHz spectrum licenses covering more than 300 million people for approximately $1.9 billion.

*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.


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