PlayStation Vita Goes Online

PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita, the successor to Sony’s PSP, has finally been released. Although it starts in Japan the portable device is region-free, so the only thing stopping you from importing one is the price tag.

According to some sources, the PSVita is priced at roughly the same as the launch price for the Nintendo 3DS; the 3G compatible version costs ¥5,000 more. The PSVita competes with the flurry of smartphones now prepared to take over the game industry and the long-standing rival of the 3DS which was released almost a year earlier.

In case you don’t know, the Vita uses memory cards for its retail games. Older PSP games will be available alongside PlayStation games via download from the PlayStation store. It also boasts improved connectivity with the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network. It has applications for internet browsing and social media, and a touch screen menu interface replaces PlayStation’s now familiar XMB.

An online guide is readily available for all to view. It is expected to be released in Oceania, Americas and Europe late February.

I wonder how many conversations will be tripped up by the similarity in pronounciation of PSP and PSV.

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