Let’s Play: Saints Row the Third Vol.2

Andrew and C-Lo continue their journey through the streets of Stillwater with the second volume of crazy mayhem and throwing off pedestrians from high places in Saints Row the Third. This volume contains 3 episodes packed with everything you’d expect from a Saints Row playthrough.

In this episode, we protect Price as he drives to his destination but the Syndicate wants to prevent his arrival by any means necessary. It comes to the point where we are forced to climb the side of a building and snipe the enemies to allow Price to escape into the safe house. Rockets and death await you in this episode.

In this episode we are once again with Price as we bring him along to a gang operation as we attempt to prevent it with a few explosions and murder. We then make our way to a second gang operation and blow even more things up. A lot of driving and a lot of murder in this episode.

We invade a syndicate compound in search for some documents when things get a little heated. The whole gang is here this time to create some pure mayhem and chaos.

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