Fortnite Trailer Analysis (Survival Game by Epic)

Epic Games, famed for their various space marine titles, seems to be shifting their focus toward the survival genre in their upcoming title Fortnite.  We don’t have much to go on, but let’s see what we can gather from the trailer.

The first thing that we see is a group of men blowing up a “Durrr Burger” and “Sign Store” building before running away with a shopping cart filled with scavenged goods.  The shopping cart may indicate that some work is involved in the transport of found goods, but it might also only be there to show viewers that they’re looting.  Items still might simply enter your inventory.  They’re wearing seemingly random clothes that humorously include a viking helmet and a sombrero, and they have various large tools across their backs (hammer and pickaxe).  The trailer is from the perspective of a handheld camera but I’m going to ignore that and assume it’s just for the trailer.

– Colorful, stylized visuals

– Emphasis on humor and lighthearted fun

– Destructible environments

– Scavenge to survive

– Customizable characters

– Multiplayer co-op

– Various tools for the job, likely for breaking through wood, drywall, or concrete in buildings.

– Loot transportation mechanics?

The survivors make it back to base and immediately set to work at fortifying their defenses with what they brought back.  Before they begin you catch a glimpse at a large blueprint in the shape of the wall they’re about to work on.  This could be our first look at the game’s building interface.  The repeating animation for building leads me to believe that this trailer may be less pre-rendered than previously thought.  Time passes, the sun begins to set, and we encounter our first opponent at 5:20pm.  Small and silly, this laughing creature seems more interested in playing with the camera than causing any real trouble.  It is dispatched with a single shot.  This may indicate that these creatures tend to show up first, or it could have been for the benefit of the trailer.

– Scavenged goods are used to fortify your base

– Blueprint building interface?

– Smaller creatures come out of the ground

– Tiered enemy spawn timing?

– Guns included, but availability is unknown

The sun finally sets and everyone rushes inside as the howling begins.  A man struggles with the bent gate and the lights go out as the generator malfunctions.  A horde of zombies comes into view, the camera is attacked, and the trailer ends.  The “oh, no” spoken after the generator goes out hints at an element of safety provided by light.  My guess would be that it prevents monster spawns within the light.

– Safer in the light

– Defenses and equipment must be maintained or they will cease to function

Looking at the trailer has brought up quite a few questions.  Are the environments randomly generated?  Can you dig underground or travel through sewers?  If you enter a dark area during the day can you run into enemies there?  What platforms will this game be on?  Fortnite certainly has my attention.  The night and day mechanics with monsters are one of my favorite things about Minecraft, so I’d love to play a game that is entirely focused around that concept.  Watch the trailer yourself and tell us if you notice anything else that stands out.  What do you hope will be in the final game?

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