Trident Kraken A.M.S. Case iPhone 4/4S A Serious Case For a Serious Phone

With it’s sleek new style the Trident Kraken A.M.S. case for Apple iPhone 4/4S overpowers the original Kraken case. The creativity was definitely put into overdrive when it came to creating such a solid case that can perform in almost all adventures of your life.

If you’re hittin’ the bike trails with family or friends you can use the attachment (sold separately) to hook onto your handlebars, or if you are a photographer with your iPhone like myself and you want to capture a steady picture there is a tripod connection (sold separately), and if you get lost in the boonies and need a little GPS to help guide you back to main roads without taking your eyes off the road there is a window suction unit (also sold separately)  to use for securing the case to your windshield.

You’re probably wondering what does this beast of a case come with?!?!  It’s still got the handy kickstand which is now adjustable to two different positions. The kickstand option is nice because you can have your kids sit back, chill and watch a movie without distracting you from work or if you want to Facetime hands free. It comes with a cleaning cloth and a back screen protector (still comes with built-in front screen protector). The clip is a better design as well. It will take a minute or two to get used to but is a unique design. Also with an extended ear bud jack attachment to fit ear bud plugs in easier.

The case itself is actually a 2-in-1 case. For casual days you can hold your phone in the standard soft impact-resistant silicone case (a.k.a. Perseus case) or if you are headed out in rough terrain it is safe to say your phone is protected in the exoskeleton polycarbonate exterior shell. The A.M.S. stands for Adaptive Modular System and this case definitely adapts to the active animal inside you! The inside silicone comes in red, pink, light green, dark teal, surfer blue, and black. The exoskeleton comes in standard black.

Whether you’re an actor or an actor’s stunt double, this case is right for you! The pricing is around 50$.

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