Square Enix Jumps Into Browser Based Gaming With Google Chrome

Square Enix jumps into the exciting realm of “in-browser” gaming on your computer screen with Google Chrome. Today they announced developing their first title in this space, Mini Ninjas, by using an open-source tool that allows running native compiled code called Native Client. Square Enix expresses they have been working on this project very closely with Google in an attempt to bring the best experience to applications within the web browser.

Mini Ninjas will be launching an open beta that has not gone live yet, but they are accepting email submissions to remind users of when it does. Square Enix says we can expect “high definition, console-quality gaming…as Mini Ninjas charts the journey of Hiro, the world’s smallest hero as he embarks on an epic quest to restore harmony to a world on the brink of chaos.” Google will be launching other in-browser games throughout 2012.

To learn more about Mini Ninjas for Chrome, please visit

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