Dualstix Episode 15: Everything but the Kitchen Sink

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Recorded: 12/04/2011

Starring: Trenton Bailey XBL Tag: willefrbottm PSN Tag tghost85, Chris CraigXBL Tag: lll Cobra X lll, Keith Ballard XBL Tag: SebastianSB, Andrew Wilson PSN/XBL Tag: Naklsonofnakkl

Hey guys this is Chris from The Dualstix Gamecast. On this week’s show we throw everything right out the window, add two new co-hosts (Keith Ballard and Andrew Wilson), and loose Conner to Saint’s Row the Third (we were surprised it wasn’t Skyrim again too). What we ended up with was a broken, mish-mash of anything and everything we thought you might find interesting…we even threw in some movie reviews. Sorry we lost the beginning of the show do to tech issues but I’m still giving you all the links so that you can get learned like us. Enjoy!

Trine 2 Coming Tomorrow By: Keith Ballard

Vita memory cards

Jonah Hill Takes Credit for Modern Warfare 3 Success

Walmart Cancels Thousands of Star Wars: The Old Republic Preorders

Keith and Andrew talk about playing the Star Wars the Old Republic beta

Star Wars Old Republic Character Creator [Video] By: Andrew Wilson

Defense Grid: The Awakening DLC Announced

Obsidian Developing South Park RPG for Consoles

L.A. Noire Review By: Keith Ballard

Movie Review: The Warrior’s Way By: Chris Craig

Hugo (2011) IMDB

The Muppets (2011) IMDB

We give our picks for potential movie of the year.

New PS3 Exclusive: The Last of Us

Square-Enix Working on New PS3 and Vita Action-RPG

Incoming Dragon Age Multiplayer in Frostbite 2 Engine? By: Keith Ballard

I Am Alive wiki


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