Trine 2 Coming Tomorrow

It has just been announced that Trine 2 is coming out tomorrow for Steam.  The game will later be released for Playstation Network on Dec. 20th and Xbox Live Arcade on Dec. 21st for the price of $14.99 or 1200 Microsoft Points.

For those who were born yesterday, Trine was a pretty little fantasy title that came out in 2009 and allowed for co-op with up to three players.  You would fight hordes of basic enemies and solve physics puzzles on your way to each level’s big boss creature.  The game could get a bit repetitive when playing alone, but once you got two or three people into a room hilarity ensued.

Wizard: “Here, just jump on this block and I’ll levitate you over the spike pit.”

Knight: “Okay, okay, we’ve got this…WHAT?! It’s spinning! WHY IS IT SPINNING?!”

Thief: “You guys know we can just climb up here, right?”

Gameplay footage of Trine 2 has shown a noticeably brighter color palette and more complicated and interesting puzzles with fire, magic, portals, and water.  Check out the video below to see for yourself!

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