Let’s Play: Dark Souls Vol.1 – Asylum Demon

Follow Keith, Andrew and Ana as they try to explore the incredibly deadly world of Dark Souls.  Traps, enemy players, and massive boss monsters galore.  Spoiler Alert: we die a lot.

Keith forces Ana and Andrew to play with inverted controls as they plunge into a dangerous world filled with the unknown after spending some time with the character creator.  We tried to make a Frank West character.  Keith explains how floor messages work.  Sorry if the audio is a bit off, that gets fixed later.

Keith gets a surprise and Andrew learns what arrows are the hard way.  We also get lost.

Our third video is mostly just us being lost and people seem to hate it so let’s go ahead and skip to #4.

The game tells us what a plunging attack is and then it’s Andrew’s turn for a big surprise.  Ana give the game a shot…it doesn’t go well.  Oddly enough she actually makes it farther than Andrew did.  We learn that Andrew doesn’t understand the difference between left and right.

A frustrated Andrew starts to blame the game mechanics for his own failings as Keith pushes forward toward his first legitimate attempt against the first boss (not having a weapon doesn’t count!).  Expect all sorts of nonsensical angry ranting that somehow reaches the topic of…pregnancy?  Apparently a game being hard is trolling?  What?  “I’m a unicorn!”  References to the paperclip from Microsoft Word because we’re not nerdy at all.

Comments would later tell us that you can actually block that massive boss’s attacks, so that sure made us feel silly.  We knew that you could lock on to enemies, but we feared that doing so would lead to a quick death due to the decreased mobility.  We let real world logic make us think that you could never block the attacks of such a large creature.  This whole thing could have been over much sooner if we had realized that, but watching idiots fail at something can be funny, right?…RIGHT?

Ana gives the game one final shot and Andrew’s raging reaches a critical mass before Keith finally takes down the Asylum Demon after salvaging what started as a botched attempt.

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