LifeProof Case Generation 2 For iPhone 4/4S (Updated 1/7/2012 w/ Belt Clip Video)

A few months back in August we received a relatively new product called the LifeProof case for the iPhone 4. We completed a written and visual review of the case where we received great feedback from the consumers about what they did or did not like about the case. We also had prospective buyers comment on how they review helped to make their decision on their purchase. There were also those who were unhappy with certain imperfections with the case that we ourselves noticed and then there were times where we could not reproduce the same issues others had that we had not originally noted.

LifeProof cases were originally offered on their online web-store and it was not much longer until they were offered in Best Buy retail stores. LifeProof representatives have responded to comments and questions consumers have had in our comment fields in our original review article and they also contacted us directly to inform us of updates they were adding to newer build generations of the case. We reached out to LifeProof shortly after the release of the new Apple iPhone 4S and expressed an interest on reviewing their updated version of their case. We received the case and did a side by side comparison/contrast video to show consumers how LifeProof has improved on some of their imperfections. We are sorry to report the price of the case has increased from $69.95 to $79.99. Check out video after the break for full details on all the difference and improvements.


Update 01/07/2012: Hey guys, I just purchased the belt clip accessory for the LifeProof iPhone 4/4S cases that is sold separately for $29.99. Instead of doing a separate review on it, I decided to add the video hands-on and my impressions right below this same article. Enjoy!

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