Hyperkin REMOTEXT Review & Power Plus for Nintendo 3DS Giveaway

Earlier this year at E3 2011 Hyperkin announced the launch of the REMOTEXT, a wireless QWERTY keyboard PS3 controller. The REMOTEXT combines the buttons of a gaming controller and Media Remote and throws in a full keyboard for any unexpected data entry. Check out the initial video hands-on after the break. We have been using the Sony PlayStation branded game controller, media remote, and wireless keyboard for the interactions we have with our PS3. That is 3 separate devices that we have to keep track of and we know many other users out there are in the same accessory situation. We were very excited to receive the REMOTEXT and see how all those accessories could be merged into one device in a positive way. While there is definitely some good points with this remote, there are a few things we did not enjoy.

Lets start with the good stuff first. The remote slides open and closed much in the way that the Motorola Sidekick Slide opened to reveal its QWERTY keyboard. We have a 6-row keyboard that has a separate numerical row included in it. The keys, while not the largest, have just enough room to allow for gamers who are used to small PS3 keyboard accessories enough room to type away. The D-Pad, analog sticks, and action keys are all here on the REMOTEXT in similar location as the original PS3 controller. Once you slide the controller and hide away the QWERTY keyboard the REMOTEXT becomes a media remote with stop, play, pause, forward and reverse scans controls to name a few. In addition to that the REMOTEXT will also include the following features below:

· Complete DVD/Blu-ray Media Control

· Full Slide Out QWERTY Keypad

· Directional Analog Control

· Rechargeable Battery (NiMH Battery)

· USB Charge Cable

· Full Remote Control

· Includes Receiving Dongle (25 ft. Wide Angle 2.4 GHz)

Unfortunately the REMOTEXT does not operate via Bluetooth and we are instead left with plugging a USB receiver. In this day and age, we are getting tired of USB receiver gaming accessories. However, the controller is still rechargeable and very light weight compared to the original PS3 gaming controller and the $29.99 affordable price tag could have some reason to do with the lack of Bluetooth. The analog sticks located on the right and left sides of the REMOTEXT are very reminiscent to what we see on the original PSP handheld gaming systems at first glance, but once we had a new game to try out the controller with we noticed the analog sticks did not give us as much as play as we have come to expect on the PSP or PS3 controls. Some user may not mind the difference, while others may be driven mad. Those controls really put a damper on our experience as they are a very important part of all PS3 gaming. We had no issues using this device for media purposes, but we cannot say we would recommend purchasing this particular remote based on game play experiences. Try it out for yourself if you would like, just be mindful or return policies. Hyperkin does have a wide selection of other accessories for gaming devices that we do find very appealing and look to review in the future. If there is something they carry you would like us to do a video review on in the future, be sure to leave those desires in the comment fields below.

Now to show a special appreciation to our viewers/readers we will be holding a giveaway for another Hyperkin product that is an accessory for the Nintendo 3DS. Be sure to watch the YouTube video below for more details regarding the giveaway and entry rules.

Entry Rules:
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