Virtual City Arrives on Kindle Fire December 1st

G5 Entertainment announced today that Virtual City will come to the Kindle Fire starting December 1st. Virtual City is a sim like game that allows you to build, you guessed it cities. Virtual City allows players to construct their own city and then develop it into anything from a suburban utopia to a bustling metropolis. Check out the feature list below for more details.

Key features:

  • 50 Challenging Levels in 5 Settings: Colorado, California, Michigan, Montana, New York
  • 18 Distinct Mission Scenarios
  • More Than 50 Types of Buildings
  • 25 Types of Goods to Transport and Trade
  • 7 Production Chains to Master
  • 16 Special Achievements to Earn
  • Tens of Upgrades and Buildings to Unlock


G5 Entertainment brings Virtual City to Kindle Fire on December 1!

Build a city of your dreams and become a metropolitan tycoon.

San Francisco, California – 11/23/2011 Leading casual games publisher G5 Entertainment today announced that Virtual City is making its way to the Amazon Appstore. Virtual City is a fantastic-looking, smartly-designed, engaging city-builder simulator. With millions of players enjoying this superior strategy experience on various gaming platforms, Virtual City is a must-have for every Kindle Fire owner.

Virtual City allows players to construct their own city, developing it into anything from a suburban utopia to a bustling metropolis. To accomplish this, players must build houses, set up industrial buildings, create mass-transit systems and entertain their city’s residents with parks, cinemas, stadiums and events. Players must also manage production chains to transport goods and services to the areas that require them and trade with neighboring cities. They must provide city services such as health care, public safety, waste collection and recycling in order to keep their city’s residents happy and healthy. While progressing through the game, players must balance time, income, environmental factors, population and happiness in order to succeed, while dealing with various political and economic crises and natural disasters.[/spoiler]

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