Let’s Play: Saints Row the Third

Andrew and Cyle decided to play through the main campaign of THQ’s Saints Row the Third with some rather unusual commentary and even more unusual behavior. We start things off with the first 5 episodes of the Let’s Play where we take you from the intro of the game to the third mission.

In the first episode, we are introduced to Stillwater through the over-sized bobble-heads of Johnny Gat as you rob a bank for the unknown syndicate with a most unexpected turn of events.

In the second episode we attempt to leave the Syndicate plane in one piece, while attempting to turn it’s crew into a pile of death. Unbeknown to them, their plane ride is about to take a serious rainstorm of bullets while skydiving back down to Stillwater.

We break into a Military Base in the third episode as they attempt to steal some weapons to take on the formerly mentioned Syndicate. While running through the ranks of soldiers using only a elongated purple dildo bat and a few ground slams, things take a turn for the better with the theft of a predator drone in order to make room for our escape back to safety.

In the fourth episode, we attempt to steal a Syndicate hideout (mostly because the previous hideout was not nearly big enough for our dangerous lifestyle) while once again taking arms with the dildo bat and some dangerous body slams before ending on a cliff-hanger of trailing a key member of the Syndicate in order to disable a bomb planted in their newly acquired hideout.

The conclusion to the previous mission, with an unfortunate start which results in failure. We managed to tie things up nicely in the end before clearing out our newly acquired hideout of uninvited guests by means of tossing and beating.

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