DualStix by TekGoblin Episode 14: Chris Playing With Himself

Brought to you by TekGoblin

Recorded: 11/13/2011

Sarring: Trenton Bailey a.k.a. willifrbottm (xbox live)

Chris a.k.a. GC Cobra X (xbox live)

And Conner a.k.a. Kanswerus (xbox live)

Hey guys this is Chris from The Dualstix Gamecast.

This week in our Early Premonitions section I race in with a preview of Need for Speed The Run, Conner a brutaly brief preview of Saints Row: The Third, and Trenton drops in with a stabbing preview of Assassin’s Creed® Revelations.

 (The Run wiki) (The Third wiki) (Revelations wiki)

On The Main Screen Trenton tries dodging bullets while reviewing Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 and Conner gets immersed in the epic world that is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

(MW3 wiki) (Skyrim wiki)

What’s on The Pulse of the gaming industry you ask? Well these are the top news articles on TekGoblin’s Gaming page. Now I know that reading is not the most fun but these guys write great articles so check’em out. Also Trenton reports about disappearing Arkham City saves…(he really needs to write this up as an article for the site). Update is Live with Metro Look and Beacons

By: Matt Jurek

 Xbox Live Fall Update Now Available to Beta Users

By: Matt Jurek

Star Wars the Old Republic Beta Testing Begins

By: Andrew Wilson

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