Bert and Ernie Come to Garmin GPS Units

Your favorite Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie are set to debut on your Garmin GPS unit. Bert and Ernie will amuse you with their crazy antics while trying to navigate you to your destination. The update package is $12.95 and is available at The site also hints at the Cookie Monster coming soon.

The Bert & Ernie GPS Voice will guide your drive with navigational instructions like:


             Ernie: “Listen up, are you listening, in one quarter of a mile, c’mon Bert.”

             Bert: “Keep right”

             Ernie:Having fun rubber duckie?”


             Bert: Let me try ok”

             Ernie: “Sure Bert.”    

             Bert: You have reached your…”

             Ernie: “DESTINATION!”

             Bert: “ERNIE”

             Ernie: “Sorry Bert.”

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