Next Generation Technology: 4G Internet and Tablet Computers

4g speedTablet computers have been around for a while now and are slowly taking the place of laptop and notebook computers. The original generation of tablet PCs was powered by 3G connectivity, which at the time was seen to be the last word in mobile connection speeds. These days, though, 3G is looking a little tired and old. Enter 4G – the next generation of internet connectivity.

Companies like AT&T internet are already making mobile connectivity devices available with 4G connectivity. The market should soon be exclusively 4G, ready to take advantage of the new power.

So what’s the difference? Speed. Our nation’s quest for speed, which started almost 150 years ago when we began to travel under steam power instead of on horses, has culminated in an obsession with getting the latest connectivity to the net as quickly as possible.

That’s understandable of course. As connection speeds go up (4G is four times faster than 3G), it’s possible for tablet computer users to do more stuff with their device. A tablet connected to a 4G connection can download a film in minutes, where a 3G or (worse!) Wi-Fi connection would take at least half a day.

It’s not all about play, either. As connection speeds make a leap for the stars, the amount of business critical work that can be done on a tablet goes up too. That’s because modern business is increasingly done using cloud technology, where the tools a person needs in order to do his or her work are hosted online and leased to the using company. The faster a tablet can connect to the internet, the more reliable it is for knocking presentations into shape on the train, or providing vital information for others while you’re on the move.

The increasing power and versatility of tablet PCs is making the leap from entertainment device to everyday connection tool more and more likely. Their user friendly design and extraordinary range of applications – everything from a high quality camera to a freehand notepad, plus all the normal computing facilities you would expect from your laptop – ensure that all your online housekeeping can be done just as swiftly with the tablet. And of course it’s a lot easier to carry around than your laptop in its massive bag!

AT&T internet offers a tablet PC with 4G connectivity, as most connection suppliers now will. The actual extent to which 4G speeds are currently available varies, as ever, between locations. If you live in or around a city you will be getting 4G already (probably) – the further away you go from major centres of commerce, business and population, the less likely it is that the technology will have reached you yet.

It is, though, coming: and that’s reason enough to make sure your next tablet PC is 4G compatible. Chances are it will be anyway, but do make sure. There’s no sense in not being ready for the connection when it does come to your neck of the woods.

As the way we consume internet continues to require that our devices are more agile and flexible, the increasing speeds of our connections get more important. 4G will be a welcome relief for every movie fan!

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