Check out Helljumper, A Fan Made Halo Movie Series

A movie production studio Method Pictures teamed up with director Dan Wang to create Helljumper. Helljumper will be a first fan made Halo movie series which will debut in January 2012.

From watching the trailer the movie doesn’t look all that bad. The effects are just what you would expect for a fan made movie and can do nothing but get better as time progresses. Helljumper will chronicle the story of one Halo: ODST from before the Human-Covenant War to around the Fall of Reach within the Halo timeline. The movie will chronicle his 27 years of the losing battle against the covenant and his experiences with devastation. The pilot episode will be something like this:

Plot Outline: In this pilot episode, the year is 2552, and Gage has just been saved by the Rookie on the colony of New Jerusalem. Instead of letting the Rookie take him back, he forces him to listen to his story of the war, so that the Rookie won’t make the same mistakes.

The pilot stars: Bradley Rose, Mingyu Chu, Kimberly Carvalho, Tyler Le Marr, and Daniel Benhamu

Directed By: Dan Wang
Produced By: Helena Hilario, Dan Wang, and Mike Etherington

Check it out below.

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