48 Hours of Video Uploaded to YouTube Every Minute [Stats]

Over 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. YouTube is a very busy site being views at approximately 3 Billion people a day. This infographic shows just how fast the YouTube site has grown. Back in 2007 the site only had about 8 hours of video uploaded every minute but in just4 years multiplied that by six. Check out more of the statistics below:

  • 13 million: Number of hours of video that were uploaded in 2010
  • 60 days > 60 years: More video is uploaded in two months than the three major U.S. networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) combined created in six decades
  • 30 percent: Amount of overall traffic coming from the U.S. YouTube is localized in 25 countries and 43 languages
  • 700 billion: Number of playbacks in 2010
  • 10,000: Number of partners, hundreds of which make six figures a year
  • 7,000+: Number of hours of full-length movies and shows
  • 2 billion: Number of global video views per week being monetized
  • 10%: Amount of videos available in HD
  • 4 million: Number of people connected and auto-sharing to at least one social network
  • 100 million: Number of daily mobile views

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