Star Wars the Old Republic Beta Testing Begins

For those who have been keeping track, December 20th marks the release date for the highly anticipated Bioware MMO Star Wars the Old Republic. This weekend begins the 3-day closed beta testing for those lucky enough to have been invited.

If you have been invited, you should receive and e-mail stating such, and in order to activate your account and download the installer, simply log into your Old Republic account and begin downloading the installer.

This is what you should receive in your e-mail;

Your account has been selected to participate in an upcoming Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Beta Weekend Test. If you have previously tested or are currently participating in an ongoing test, you will be invited again. Additional details for this upcoming test will be announced soon. As part of this test, we will be partnering with games industry sites to distribute additional beta codes as necessary. This will help ensure we meet our population goals, so we can effectively stress test our servers in preparation for launch. Please do not acquire and redeem one of these codes as it could jeopardize your ability to participate in this test. As a reminder, should you choose to participate, everything associated with this test (game information, process, forums communication, etc.) is confidential and may not be discussed outside of the Game Testing forum. Additionally, your participation in the Game Testing Program is subject to the Game Testing Agreement.

I know I will be playing it, so if you are on, feel free to express your excitement or what you’re anticipating most in the comments section below.

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