Logitech Drops Google TV, Revue was an Expensive Mistake

Google tried to jump into our living rooms with their Google TV platform and Logitech jumped on board. Google TV failed to offer a compelling user experience and fell flat on its face. Google TV was set for failure when the biggest entertainment providers blocked it from accessing their websites and online content those publishers include: Viacom, Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC.

The Logitech Revue was created to bring Google TV into the living room but failed to do so only because of the software. Logitech claims the Revue was an expensive mistake:

Logitech CEO Guerrino De Luca told analysts yesterday that the company’s misadventure with Google TV was a costly failure. He described Google’s television software platform as “incomplete” and said that it simply wasn’t ready for consumers at launch.

The Google TV platform and the Revue misadventure cost Logitech over $100 million in operating revenue which also includes EMEA regions. Logitech plans to drop plans to make a second Revue and will not incorporate any more Google TV boxes until it is fixed. A major competitor Boxee has been doing quite well with providing content to the set top box.

Google plans to release a major revamped Google TV service in the future with Android Honeycomb at the core with the ability to run Android Market apps on the device. Google may have to struggle a bit to regain some of the lost consumer confidence.

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