Otterbox Reflex Series Case For iPad 2

Over a month ago we received the Otterbox Reflex Series case for the Apple iPad 2. We did a hands-on video for it back in September right before it was released and posted it on YouTube. Now that the holiday season is quickly approaching we are sure they may be consumers looking for possible gift ideas for someone with an iPad 2. While there are many options out there in the world of “iAccessories,” we thought we would post our previous video in an a short articles for those thinking about this product. We first saw the Otterbox Reflex Series line launch back at CES 2011 in Las Vegas and we will also include, below, the video we shot back when we visited the Otterbox CES booth where a PR representative explains the inspiration for the case.

The case only had few disappointments for us like how the headset jack and charger port openings were so small that accessories that were slightly bigger then the Apple OEM accessories would not fit while case remained on the iPad 2. I have used this case as my main protective option for my iPad 2 and it has been so versatile and offered more than enough protection for everyday use. It comes as a slider case with a protective detachable front cover that doubles as a stand. The design of the case is very similar to the more rugged Defender Series case made by Otterbox, save for lack of port covers and a thick frame. The Otterbox Defender Series case offers very little upside in protection compared to the Reflex Series that given the choice we would recommend the lighter and thinner Reflex case instead.

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