Blockbuster Raises Prices At Rental Express Kiosks

Netflix did it, Redbox did it, and now Blockbuster Express follows the growing unpopular movement towards price increases for movie rentals. Blockbuster Express kiosks are very similar in size to Redbox kiosks and they are located in many different places as well. There is actually a Blockbuster Express kiosk not to far from my home and it is located outside of any establishment which allows it to not be limited to the hours of operations that retail/grocery stores like many Redbox kiosks. The Blockbuster Express price change, which goes in effect on November 8th, will rise to from $1 to $2 for what they call “Hot Movies,” which are new releases that have been in the kiosk for 29-90 days.

The new price charge, for the moment anyway, will only be for the first night’s rental cost and $1 a day thereafter for as long as movie is kept. Most other charges will not be changed. Blu-ray movies will remain the same cost of $1 extra the first night, brand new releases will remain $3 for the first night and $1 for each additional night. Blockbuster Express representatives claim the price changes will bring more availability of movies and a movie is out of stock, customers can expect to get a $1 discount on any other $3 or $2 title in the kiosk. There are reports across the web that say the cost changes that Netflix and Redbox have also done are because of higher operating costs and pressure from Hollywood studios. We tend to lean more towards the latter as the cause for price changes.


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Solomon Massele
Solomon is our Senior Managing Editor here at TekGoblin and he is also a columnist for Best Buy Mobile Magazine. He has been a technology enthusiast for years and currently contributes to companies such as TekGoblin, Best Buy Mobile Magazine, and others in the past such as SPJ Reviews. You can keep up with his updates on Twitter at @iceman7679 and his visual tech related reviews on YouTube at He loves everything tech, and talking about it!
  • Anonymous

    This tier pricing doesn’t seem too bad. They could have taken away new releases or raised the price on all the DVDs. Either way this option looked like to be the best one for their consumers. I pay one flat fee of $10 a month through my provider/employer DISH Network for the Blockbuster Movie Pass. With that I get new releases 28 days before Netflix or Redbox, streaming, games and Blu-ray DVDs at no extra charge, mail-in DVD, and in-store exchanges. I couldn’t ask for a better deal. I get more for less money.

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