Texas Judge Beats Daughter for Illegal Downloading

WARNING Video is Graphic! Texas Judge William Adams in a video recorded in 2004 which recently surfaced on the internet beat his daughter for illegally downloading music. The video is not for the light of heart, it shows Adams approach and beat his daughter Hillary Adams with a belt. Hillary has come forward and admitted to continuing abuse by her father in their home and even admitted that he even abused and manipulated her mother. His daughter Hillary was also afflicted with Ataxic Cerebral Palsy which means “a form of cerebral palsy characterised by Ataxia, problems with balance, co-ordination, shaky hand movements and jerky speech”.

Adams is now being investigated for this video which was taken in 2004. He will likely face child abuse charges and face jail time if not hefty fines. Judge Adams is going up for re-election next week which prompted his daughter Hillary to post the video on YouTube to expose his corrupted self.

Hillary had Tweeted that she wants her father to get professional help and not face hatred for his actions: “Please spread the word that my father needs professional help and not hatred. We can offer him the tools to be a better person.” The City of Aransas has since issued a statement that they are investigating the matters and to please stop calling them.

Excerpt from the Video description which apparently is signed by Hillary Adams:

2004: Aransas County Court-At-Law Judge William Adams took a belt to his own teenage daughter as punishment for using the internet to acquire music and games that were unavailable for legal purchase at the time. She has had ataxic cerebral palsy from birth that led her to a passion for technology, which was strictly forbidden by her father’s backwards views. The judge’s wife was emotionally abused herself and was severely manipulated into assisting the beating and should not be blamed for any content in this video. The judge’s wife has since left the marriage due to the abuse, which continues to this day, and has sincerely apologized and repented for her part and for allowing such a thing, long before this video was even revealed to exist. Judge William Adams is not fit to be anywhere near the law system if he can’t even exercise fit judgement as a parent himself. Do not allow this man to ever be re-elected again. His “judgement” is a giant farce. Signed, Hillary Adams, his daughter.

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  • James Millen

    Nothing will happen. He is a judge, and that is Texas. Good old boys system.
    The “storm” will pass and he will still keep his bench, and his daughter will have hell to pay.
    The guy is a violent man, addicted to anger, and a sociopath.
    Stay away from Texas.

  • Sanity

    I understand that he is in Texas but I highly doubt that nothing will happen to him. The outrage on the internet will be enough trouble for him.

  • Tristan Thomas

    Okay he goes a little over the top, but she was being disobedient. Not only did she re download the item after it was removed, and she was told not to do it again, but she also failed to listen and get on her stomach =/

    Growing up I did alot of dumb shit, and I was reprimanded accordingly. I could never love my parents more for making me a better man. Even if they had to beat it into me. 
    The man in the video just didn’t know when to stop. However, kids who fail to adhere to there parents need this kind of punishment. Just not to his extent. 

  • Anonymous

    I agree, when the mom whipped her she stopped after the girl obeyed, yet she always seemed to struggle with the dad…I felt that she kinda did it on purpose to draw out a punishment so it could be recorded and look REALLY bad, how do we know she got beaten like this all the time? Why is the father mostly being blamed? The mother whipped her too, and she wasn’t forced to do it either because she willingly took the belt from him and tried to do it herself and made the dad go get another belt. 

    I think the father did the right thing. 

  • Lili Estrada

    ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Somebody should beat him. AND he is a family court judge very scary. Its people like him that will burn in hell when Jesus and God returns. I cant even imagine beating my child like that. Send him to jail where he can get the same treatment she got.

  • John Fah-q Smith

    I have been beat way worse than that, AND it worked for me.  If she is doing an illegal activity that could land HIM in jail, then I can see some rage.  She should have just bent over the bed for a few swats, but she WAS being defiant by not complying, but that was a bit much.


    There are many things that humans have done in the past that is regrettable and horrible. We have seen better things in humanity with each new generation, and as humanity moves forward we will hopefully not repeat the terrible things past generations have done.

  • Anonymous

    We often hear from those who fight to uphold this practice for those under the age of 18 (even to the blaming of the social maladies of the day on a supposed “lack” of it), but we rarely, if ever, find advocates for the return of corporal punishment to the general adult community, college campuses, inmate population, or military. Why is that?

    Ask ten unyielding proponents of child/adolescent/teenage-only “spanking” about the “right” way to do it, and what would be abusive, indecent, or obscene, and you will get ten different answers.

    These proponents should consider making their own video-recording of the “right way” to do it.

    Visit Unlimited Justice or Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education to learn more and add your voice.

  • Anonymous

    In 31 nations, child corporal punishment is prohibited by law (with more in process). In fact, the US was the only UN member that did not ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The US also has the highest incarceration rate in the world.

    The US states with the highest crime rates, poorest academic performance, highest obesity rates and health problems, and largest public welfare burdens are also the ones with the highest rates of child corporal punishment.

    Of all the things prison inmates lacked in their upbringing, “spanking” certainly wasn’t one of them.

    There is simply no evidence to suggest that child/adolescent/teenage-only “spanking” instills virtue.

  • amara higgins

    i hope he gooooo to jail!!! omg i hope something happens to him

  • Anonymous

    You are an ignorant jackass. I have been to just about every state in the country, and the interesting thing is, the most sophisticated people lived in Texan cities. Maybe the backwoods people are people to avoid, but those people are like the “normal people” I have met in about 10-12 other states. Why don’t you get off your high-horse, travel, and meet people.

  • Matthew

    He’s Being INVESTIGATED!!!! What is there to investigate? He is out of control. He has no respect. I can’t believe that he ever held an honorary office!

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