Apple Employee Fired over Facebook Post

An Apple employee recently made some negative comments about Apple on their Facebook page. Their Facebook page was listed as private but another Apple colleague saw the comments and reported them to a manager. The employee was then quickly fired for “gross misconduct” because of violating Apple’s social policy.

The employee in question worked at an Apple Store with the name “Crisp” whom quickly challenged their termination. The issue was brought to the UK labor tribunal whom actually upheld the right Apple had to terminate the employee. The decision was made on the grounds that Apple was allowed to protect its commercial reputation.  Apple had a social policy in place that prevents employees from talking or discussing Apple in a negative light while employed by the company on any social network. Since the employee in question was employed by Apple, Apple has the right to protect itself by terminating them.

If anything is to come from this ordeal it is the lesson to be careful what you say about your employer. Be sure that the company that you work for does not have a social network policy in place before you talk about them on the internet. Even if they don’t I would still be very careful if you want your job tomorrow.

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