Apple Exploring Ways to Control iOS Devices from a Distance

A recent patent application has surfaced which shows that Apple is currently researching way to control your iOS device from a distance using physical gestures. The exact title of the patent reads: “Real Time Video Process Control Using Gestures.”

The idea of the patent that Apple filed is to allow a user to remotely control either their iPhone or iPad with the other device while editing video or recording video. The devices would be linked either through Bluetooth or WiFi. So, once the devices were linked to each other, Say the iPad is recording video you could control that with the iPhone as to not interrupt the display on the iPad.

On top of controlling the other device with the touch screen, the patent also mentions the ability to control the device without touching it. We could assume that they could use some of the same technology that Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect uses to allow users to play games without controllers. The technology would also be able to recognize a persons face that way it could focus and move the video frame on that same person as they moved around, similar to Kinect.

If this technology makes it to a future version of iOS it could indeed revolutionize the way we use our iOS devices again. In theory this technology can be used for many more things other than video editing or capturing. The technology could be used to control say the Apple TV, or Music on your iPod Touch, or even a game. Another possible and very likely application of this technology is to control the upcoming Apple branded TV rumored to be in the works.


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