A Siri-Powered Apple Television is For Real

We have always wondered why Apple had yet to capitalize on the TV set market. Well, it seems that Apple has been thinking about creating an actual Apple TV set since 2007.

In the Steve Jobs biography written by Walter Isaacson, Steve said “I’ve finally cracked it!.” He was referring to the  announcement of the Siri technology and its integration into iOS. With that technology being added to iOS it makes a lot of sense for that same technology to be integrated into a TV set which allows Siri to be the remote.

It is no secret that Apple hates buttons and is always seeking ways to avoid them. This avoidance of buttons is very obvious with the introduction of Siri. The biggest part of the Apple TV would be to replace the annoyance of having an attached remote control like normal TV sets have today. The Apple TV set is an absolute guarantee a project that Apple is working on. From WSJ:

“Absolutely, it is a guaranteed product for Apple,” I was told by one individual. “Steve thinks the industry is totally broken.”

I am not 100% sure what Steve means when he says the industry is broken, however he could be referring to the fact that users have very little control over content. If you bought your TV and the cable service attached to it, why can’t you watch whatever you want whenever you want? I think this is one area that Apple is going to improve dramatically on both wit Siri and deals with TV producers and Movie publishers.

Imagine if you will talking to your TV: Siri, What channel is the Simpsons on? or Siri, Please record my favorite TV show tonight. Or even, Siri Please switch to my TV show when it begins. This will be great!

Rumors are that the Apple TV set will set itself apart from the competition and make it very hard for other manufacturers to compete with it at all. It will be a TV which is part computer with iOS and Siri running on it I wouldn’t be surprised if iCloud was integrated as well. There is a TV orgasm of technology right there. Look for an announcement late 2012 with a release some time 2013.

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