Indie Royale Launches, Lets You Impact Bundle Prices

A new site called had its grand opening today and is taking an interesting approach with indie game pricing.  The first bundle starts out with an incredibly low minimum price of $1.99 and gives customers the choice to either match that price or pay more.  Sticking with the minimum cost slowly drives the price of the bundle upward, but especially generous buyers that are willing to pay more can push it back down.  Choosing to spend $10, $25, $100, or $300 will cheapen the bundle by $0.04, $0.20, $1.00, and $2.00 respectively for everyone else.  Please note that the larger numbers are fluctuating wildly and may not match this article.  It’s truly fascinating to see this sort of system in action, and the site even allows you to track the changes in price over time.  As an added bonus every 10,000 bundles sold adds a free DLC for Sanctum, one of the featured titles.

That’s all well and good, but what do you get for your hard earned pocket change?  Once you have made your payment you are sent to a page that allows you to download each game in some combination of choices including an executable file, through Desura, or via a Steam key.  Each game normally sells for $10.  Depending on the changing price this could mean $40 of content at a 95% discount!

A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda is a retro-styled side scroller featuring a robot that upgrades itself in order to fulfill its mission to rescue the survivors of a space station.  It is available through both Steam and Desura and in .exe format.

Gemini Rue is a cyberpunk action title where you take on the role of a prisoner with amnesia and an ex-assassin, and is available in .exe and for Desura.  It was just released for Steam but that version has not yet made an appearance on Indie Royale.

Sanctum is a sci-fi first person shooter that follows the tower defense formula and has seen a lot of developer support in the form of a rich downloadable content library.  Sanctum is only available on Steam.

Nimbus mixes racing with puzzles in a game where you must constantly use the environment in order to propell your vehicle forward and is available in all three formats.

The bundle featuring the games mentioned above just went live earlier today and will continue for five days with a new bundle coming every two weeks.

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