Grand Theft Auto V Set to Take Place in LA with Multiple Characters

According to a tip to Kotaku today, GTA V will be set in some version of L.A. which will bring the successful franchise back to the ‘City of Angels’ since the top-selling Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Multiple sources have also say the game will feature more than just one playable character, which would make sense as the series evolves. The portable franchise helped make that reality possible with positive results showing that Rockstar can create more than one person worth living in the GTA world.

Being in L.A. is not surprising, after Rockstar’s experience with L.A. Noire and help from Team Bondi to create a mid-20th-century vision in the game and a drive-able version in Mightnight Club. Rockstar Games did not respond for comment about GTA V but the trailer for the new game will be released on November 2nd.

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