iStroll Kid, The first iPad Case for Baby Strollers


I stumbled across something pretty cool this morning, it was called the iStroll Kid. This new accessory allows for the iPad to connect to the side of a baby stroller. It is sort of an insanity check for mothers with small children, this accessory will allow them to watch a video while going for a stroll or while the mother is shopping.

Its a very cool invention if I must say and has other applications as well like being attached to a chair or bar. Check out the case at if you want to buy or just want more information.

[spoiler]ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Kids love the iPad! It’s interactive, convenient, media-rich, easy to use (we can keep going, but you get the idea). The iStroll Kid allows parents to connect the iPad to any stroller and go. While your child is busy watching a video or interacting with a educational app, parents are free to run errands, shop, go for a walk, whatever. Meanwhile, your little one stays entertained or educated or both, for up to 10 hours (but please, don’t leave your child in the stroller for that long. That’s just cruel.)

It’s pretty simple though: the iStroll Kid connects to your stroller’s legs. Once it’s attached, you insert the iPad into the case and you’re ready to go. You can also quick disconnect the iStroll Kid from the stroller using the quick-disconnect feature.

The iStroll Kid can also connect to the back seat of your car, so your little one can continue to watch movies on long road trips or quick runs to the grocery store. No more portable DVD players or expensive in-car entertainment systems – just strap it to your back seat.

The Idea

I’ll spare you the marketing lingo and tell you what the impetus was for the creation of this little gizmo. When my wife and I went anywhere – to the grocery store, to the mall, to run a short 10-minute errand – if we had to take my son with us, that errand was guaranteed to become a nightmare. See, my son doesn’t like drives and he doesn’t like staying in his stroller. He’s easily displeased in both places and when he is, the decibel level of his screaming is enough to drive dogs wild. So we did what many parents in our technologically-dependent world do. We bought a DVD player for the car. Which totally worked – in the car. The stroller, however, was still a challenge.

Right around that time, the iPad was released. Movies! Games! Apps! Bright and Shiny Colors! It was my dream come true. More importantly, my son took to it like a fish to water. I thought about duct-taping it to his hands, but my wife (and the Department of Children and Families) had a thing or two to say about that. So, I set about finding a way to mount the iPad in two key places I needed it – my car and my sons stroller.

We created the first prototype and put it to the test. My son was the beta tester here, we have a video at showing how it works and our first test of taking my son to the mall. My son won’t sit in his stroller for more then 5 minutes, but with the istrollkid we were able to walk around the mall for one hour. my son was calm for the entire duration of our mall trip. That’s when I knew i had something.[/spoiler]

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