Guy Builds Robot that Plays Angry Birds

This guy named Jason Huggins built a robot in his home which ended up playing a game of Angry Birds. He named the robot ‘BitBeamBot‘ and built it out of wood, Lego, and servo motors. The robot uses an Arduino board and likely runs custom software that he made himself. Right now the robot has to be controlled by a person, but with some creative programming I believe it will become hands free and able to play by itself.

The arm on the robot can interact with the touch screen because of a material attached to the end of it. Huggins plans to create a bunch of these robots for developers to test their mobile apps before deployment. I am not sure why they wouldn’t just use a human, I guess robots are just cooler. For now, the robot is slow and user controlled but we will keep an eye on this project for further updates. For now, check out the short clip below.


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