Federated Media Lands Advertising Deal

Federated Media has just annouced a partnership with This deal follows shortly after Federated Media acquired the advertising network Lijit. The deal will include all of the blogs that are hosted under the company which comes to around 25 million. users will now be able to choose to allow sponsored posts, and Federated Media ads on their blog. It will work a little something like this:

Content curation – Brands will be able to pull in curation from’s 25 million hosted sites

Sponsored posts – bloggers will have the chance to write posts concerning a subject, giving advertisers a more seamless integration with blog topics

Conversation targeting – Keywords might be great for some topics, but conversations are king. By allowing brands to focus advertising at an entire conversation and its context, Federated Media is putting massive power into the hands of the brands and the publishers alike.

It isn’t clear how the sponsored posts will be chosen, they may be limited to blogs with only a certain number of visitors that reaches a target group. There is also the question of price to advertisers and return for bloggers, I am sure more details will arise as this is integrated into

The points listed above are not all of the details that Federated Media is going to offer bloggers on but they are some of the highlights. Previously on, users were limited to only using Adsense or Skimlinks if they were over 25,000 unique hits a month, below that no advertising at all. The addition of Federated media to the mix will give bloggers more opportunity for revenue on their blogs. Federated media can now reach some 247 million users a month, that’s huge!

Are you a user? If so, what do you think of this deal, are you happy or sad? Post a comment below we would like to know what you think.

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