C Spire Wireless to Offer iPhone 4S

Well this is a strange turn of events, C Spire Wireless formerly known as Cellular South has announced the availability of the iPhone 4S. This move is puzzling to say the least, the carrier has a little over a million customers and got the iPhone before the larger T-Mobile.

T-Mobile still claims that they are trying to strike a deal to carry the iPhone on their network. A deal which could bring about 50 million more subscribers the availability of the iPhone. It is not clear whether Apple’s terms are too great for T-Mobile to agree on at this time or if they ever will.

Sprint had to make a commitment to purchase 30.5 million iPhone’s over the period of 4 years in order to make a deal with Apple. The deal with Sprint scores Apple $20 Billion over 4 years.

C Spire also currently offers an unlimited data plan at $50 a month with Sprint currently being the only other carrier to still offer an unlimited data plan.


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