Buy a Piece of World of Warcraft History

Most of us who have played World of Warcraft have spend countless hours rummaging through the world of Azeroth, and while the years of WoW were memorable, they still continue on. So in order to prepare for WoW’s future, Blizzard has decided to upgrade its servers. While the servers are being upgraded, the old servers will be no longer useful, so Blizzard has decided to auction off each server in an intense four week auction event over eBay with all the earnings being donated to the St. Jude’s Children Hospital.

Each of the servers were once physical worlds, the very same worlds WoW players shared countless memories of grinding, questing and raiding in. So for those who want to hold onto a piece of their WoW past, it might be time to check your balance in the bank. The servers will be packaged to look more presentable, in plastic with a logo. A signed plague will also accompany each piece making the once previous e-waste a worthy piece of collectible gaming history. There will be 2,000 server blades auctioned off in four branches, each ranging in the thousands. The servers will begin the bidding at $100 a piece and will be available for a week a piece, so if you have the money lying around, head on over to begin bidding now!

The auction has begun today, October 17th, and will last until November 14th. The auction page can be found here and more information on the event here.

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