Dennis Ritchie: Creator of the C Language, R.I.P

Dennis Ritchie was the creator of the ‘C’ language, one of the most important building blocks of modern computer systems. was found dead in his home today at the age of 70.Ritchie had been in frail health after a treatment for prostate cancer and heart disease a few years back.

C  was the perfect language that allowed raw performance as well as being expressive than Assembly language. It was practical, no-nonsense language and you can still find traces of it in action in so many platforms.

The C programming language, a shorthand of words, numbers and punctuation, is still widely used today, and successors like C++ and Java build on the ideas, rules and grammar that Mr. Ritchie designed. The Unix operating system has similarly had a rich and enduring impact. Its free, open-source variant, Linux, powers many of the world’s data centers, like those at Google and Amazon, and its technology serves as the foundation of operating systems, like Apple’s iOS, in consumer computing devices.

It is difficult to think of a world void of C, it’s impact has been deep rooted into the very core of all technology we use, and the technology we will be using in the future.

Dennis Ritchie has certainly left his mark and shaped the world, R.I.P


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