Hyperkin “Repair Box” Brand Offers a New Solution to an Old Problem

Hyperkin is a company that specializes in video game accessories. One of the most known products from them is the RetroN 3, a single console that supports NES, SNES and Genesis. I personally have bought a couple of accessories for some of my more ‘retro’ consoles from them. However, Hyperkin has announced they are going to start a new line of products called “Repair Box” which provides replacement parts for damaged video game consoles. The first product in their line is a replacement price around the plastic housing for the SNES.

A broken plastic housing is a common problem for SNES users, and when the plastic housing around the system’s AC jack breaks, there isn’t much one can do besides buy an entirely new console. Hyperkin’s “Repair Box” brand is attempting to fix that solution, with the SNES being the first in their line of consoles.

The new Repair Box brand evolved out of a need in the market, gamers have been searching for a solution to replacing damaged parts so we launched Repair Box in order to fill that need. The flagship product for the Repair Box brand is the SNES PowerJack. There has always been a problem with the plastic housing around the AC input on the SNES system, gamers have been plagued by this issue for years when it breaks and can’t be replaced or repaired. We developed the SNES PowerJack specifically to give SNES owners a way to replace the broken part without having to send their entire system to a repair shop or a fix the problem with inadequate replacement parts.
– Leo Saleh, Hyperkin’s National Sales Director

The case is $12.99 and can be fond here.

Product Features:
  • Fully Pre-assembled Plastic Housing
  • Gamers Guarantee (6 month warranty)
  • *Soldering Gun and Solder NOT included

Their entire line of product replacement parts for retro consoles can be found here.

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