Facebook Acquires

Facebook has bought the social question and answer service Facebook believes that the service is innovative and would like to acquire the teams skills for other projects at Facebook.

We’re excited to announce that we recently acquired, a Silicon Valley startup that created a really compelling way for people to express themselves and meet others through answering questions. We’ve admired the team’s efforts for some time now, and we’re looking forward to having Ed and his colleagues make a big impact on the way millions of people connect and engage with each other on Facebook.

The staff also made a statement:

We’re excited about this because we feel the spirit of aligns well with Facebook’s vision, and we’re thrilled to be joining such an innovative company. The team will be focusing on new projects at Facebook, but will continue to operate as a separate service.

The service will stay up and running both according to Facebook and the team. Many times that Facebook has acquired a company they have stripped out the talent and shut down the service, however not this time.

Do you use the service? How do you feel about Facebook acquiring the company?

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