DualStix By TekGoblin Episode 12 – M.I.A.

Hey, this is Chris taking over writing duties this week. On this weeks show Conner goes on the lamb so it’s just Trenton and I reeking havoc and hauling the rate weight.

I have risen like a zombie from the grave to reap revenge and/or redemption upon myself for my lack of effort last week. I return triumphantly with a lengthy and very in depth preview of Gearbox Software‘s Borderlands 2.

GB is currently taking suggestions from fans in the BL2 forum for things you’d like to see packaged in the Collectors Edition

Trenton follows this up with a look into the future of the THQ‘s Saint’s Row series with The Third.

I then review the waste of money that is Spider-man: Edge of Time created by Beenox a division of Activision.

Trenton goes post-apocalyptic with his review of Rage by id Software.

We hit the Retro 3/2 with my memories of ActRaiser 2 ( and Trenton’s recollection of Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey(’s_3D_Hockey).

Well it’s here…the Battlefield 3 Beta…we played it and now we give you our thoughts.

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