Will a Unified Sony Be a Game Changer for Mobile Gaming?

Sony LogoSony has always offered a great assortment of quality products that range from laptops, cameras, television sets, and sound systems. However, none of these product lines have impacted Sony the way the PlayStation has. The first ever PlayStation that was introduced in 1993 was bought 100 million times over the course of 9 years. Eventually, Sony saw that the gaming industry needed more, and rightfully so, Sony created the PlayStation Portable which has now given birth to the PlayStation Vita. Although the PlayStation Vita seems to be a great device, consumers are still left wanting something more. So just what what is Sony missing?

Using the iPod as an Example

Apple once stated that the iPod is the the number one portable game player. According to the statistics of the matter, the iPod sells better when compared to items such as the PSP, DS and the 3DS. Everyone should know that the games found on the iPod, and the games found on the PSP, or PlayStation Vita are incomparable. It would be simply unfair when you consider the caliber of a PlayStation Vita game to that of a game found in Apple’s App Store. I say this because the games found in the App Store are games that we play only at our convenience. Where as games that we buy for the PlayStation Vita will be games we have strong desire to actually play.

Here is exactly what I am getting at: people don’t buy an iPod to exclusively play games. At least, no one in their right minds would. By no means am I saying that it may not be a factor to weigh in on, but it won’t be the decision that draws someone initially. However, when someone goes out to buy a game for their PlayStation Vita, it’ll be because they bought their PlayStation Vita for the sole purpose of gaming. So what do we gather from this? From a company standpoint, Apple does sell the most portable game players, but from a consumer standpoint nothing comes close to the PlayStation Portable series.

So Then Why Is Gaming So Popular On The iPod?

The absolute number one reason why gaming is so popular on iOS devices is because of convenience. Those of you who actually own an iOS device can attest to this. Most of us play games on our smartphones or iPods when we have nothing better to do. Personally, I tend to play games while enduring a car ride, waiting in lines by myself, or just when I need to take care of “business”. In each instance, I am never playing a game simply because I have an “urge” to do so. So if you hand someone an iPod, and you make sure they have nothing else better to do, that person will start gaming. Not because they have an urge to do so, but because it will be at their convenience.

Here Is What Sony Is Missing

Earlier I asked the question what it is exactly that Sony is missing, and the answer to that is convenience. Great games, and great consoles does not always equal great sales. We have to factor in usability. People want to be able to ask themselves “what else can this do, and can it replace that other thing I wanted to buy as well?” In most instances, Sony’s mobile line of produces will produce a no to that question, where the iPod may produce a yes over and over.

The Problem

Thankfully, Sony does realize their weakness to provide a convenient method of gaming. Their answer to this so far is their Xperia series. The Xperia series is a set of smartphones that run Android, and are built by Sony Ericsson, with the Xperia Play being the most popular of the bunch. Contrary to what I had believed for years, Sony does not actually own Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericsson is a joint venture between the Japanese company Sony and Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson.

The problem here is that Sony does not have full control of the operations. As a result, we are yet to see a full Sony like phone that can suit our need for real gaming on mobile phones. Take a second to imagine the possibilities if Sony were to obtain full control over Sony Ericsson. We would see a lot more games that would appeal to hard core gamers on phones, and a better ecosystem between Sony Ericsson phones and PlayStation related device. Just thinking about it gets me excited!

The Solution

Sony is no fool. Everything I just pointed out, they already know. That is why Sony is willing to shell out over 1 billion dollars for full control of Sony Ericsson. Doing this will give Sony full control over both the software aspects, and the hardware in order to make a real PlayStation phone. Let’s face it, what they are producing right now simply is not cutting it for the gamers who have been left with nothing thus far.

So for all my MLG out there, what are your opinions, and feelings on the matter? Post them in the comment section below!

This is a guest post by Tristan Thomas, Executive Editor of Get Your Gadgets Going!

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Tristan Thomas
  • Joao Barbosa

    So psp vita won’t have mobile phone capabilities? I saw it has 3g built-in with already some rumored AT&T dealings too. The fact that it plays music, video, games, reads pdfs, has wifi and browser, probably flash to see online videos and etc seems already a great step towards an all-in-one device. I share the same all-in-one goal support on a portable device too. Thats why I bought the first psp…

  • Tristan Thomas

    From what I know the PlayStation Vita won’t support calling but will support 3G. What we need is a PlayStation device that can preform fully as a phone as well. 

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