Sony Pictures in Talks to Make Film About Steve Jobs

The masterminds behind the motion picture “The Social Network,” Sony Pictures, has something else up their sleeves. Sony are on their way of bringing us an insight on the legendary life of Steve Jobs. Producer will be Mark Gordon who is known for producing “Saving Private Ryan” movie in 1998. Walter Issacson, former Time Magazine Editor has over two years’ worth of interviews he has had with Jobs.  The authorized biography is a 448-page profile based on over 40 interviews with Steve Jobs and over 100 conversations with family, friends, colleagues and competitors.

Issacson’s biography of Steve Jobs will be released October 24th. Mike Fleming at blog Deadline New York says the studio is working on a deal that will land them film rights to the book.  There are talks of the deal being a $1 million against $3 million. If the deal is made this will make the second film to ever be made about Steve Job’s success story!

There has been movies made about the life and history of Apple and Steve Jobs before. The Pirates of Silicon Valley made back in 1999 was a great movie that depicted the early lives of both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The movie starred Noah Wyle as Steve Jobs back then, but who would play the role now?




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