Drawn: Dark Flight, Iris’ Story Finally Continues

Big Fish Games is the front-runner of “Hidden Object” games for iOS devices. Their games are beautiful, challenging, and engaging. Drawn: The Painted Tower is one of their best accomplishments, and for those of us who have played it all the way through, there is some exciting news. After navigating through puzzle after puzzle and room after room to save princess Iris only to be left wondering what happens to her next, we finally have that answer in the form of a sequel that was released today, October 6.

With three chapters and an estimated six to eight hours of game play, Drawn: Dark Flight is as solid an investment as any of Big Fish Games’ beautifully illustrated hidden object games. In this new adventure, players will explore the Kingdom of Stonebriar in their quest to save Queen Iris. Like Drawn: Painted Tower, the premise is that Iris has been creating drawings and paintings for years, and parts of those drawings and paintings have become real. The player must navigate through her drawings and collect key objects with the purpose of pulling together functional pieces of brain-teasing puzzles in order to progress through the game. Depending on how carefully you look, there is a lot of potential for back-tracking and wracking your brain to try and figure out what you have missed. That’s what makes these games so difficult to put down, trying to scour every area and feeling the need to check and re-check that you have collected everything you possibly could before you decide to advance. A nice new feature of this particular game is that in place of previous hint systems that made key objects glow in the area in which you were standing, when you press the “hint” button in this game, you get a full picture of what you need to do to get yourself back on track.

After having played through a number of Big Fish games, including Drawn: The Painted Tower, Empress of the Deep, and Awakening, I have fallen in love with the genre and the game studio’s dedication to visually stimulating graphics and neurologically stimulating gameplay. I eagerly await the opportunity to continue Iris’ story and will be writing a full review of the game once I complete the new chapters.


Key Features:

  • Additional gameplay: Seamlessly experience the additional quest and alternate ending previously only included in the Collector’s Edition
  • Smart guide shows players a screenshot of exactly what they need to do next to continue their journey. Since the guide is tied to the current objective, there is no danger of a player accidentally seeing what happens next.
  • Smart hints – Multiple hints for each step of the game ensures that adventure game enthusiasts of all skill levels can successfully complete the quest. The hints will range from a nudge in the right direction to specific steps on exactly what needs to be done.
  • Original puzzles and artwork – The Drawn team challenged themselves to create entirely new – and challenging – puzzles, which are integrated cleverly within the storyline. The game includes scenes within scenes, represented as paintings to be explored by the player.
  • Multiple languages – Available in English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese at launch.
  • Family Friendly – Each Drawn game is an experience the entire family can explore

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