The TekGoblin Podcast Episode 7 – Neutrality What?

The TekGoblin Podcast Episode 07 – (Recorded on 10.02.2011)
Today the TekGoblin Podcast includes myself, Solomon Massele, (Contributing Senior Editor),  Andrew Wilson (Associate Editor), and  Matt Jurek (Editor-N-Chief). Tonight we are joined by special guests Keith Ballard, a new contributor here at, and a friend of the show Aneliese who brings a strong female perspective to our topics today.

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Solomon Massele
Solomon is our Senior Managing Editor here at TekGoblin and he is also a columnist for Best Buy Mobile Magazine. He has been a technology enthusiast for years and currently contributes to companies such as TekGoblin, Best Buy Mobile Magazine, and others in the past such as SPJ Reviews. You can keep up with his updates on Twitter at @iceman7679 and his visual tech related reviews on YouTube at He loves everything tech, and talking about it!