top Files Suit Against Facebook has filed a suit against Facebook on the grounds that Facebook’s new Timeline feature, because of course, no one has ever had the idea of putting a series of events or pictures in a line marked by dates. is a site which “enables people like you to collaboratively record, discover and share history. It’s history recorded by the people, for the people.”

While the website in and of itself sounds like a cool idea, this isn’t the exact approach that Facebook is trying to do with their Timeline. The trademark infringement claims that Facebook’s Timeline feature could “quite possibly eliminate” the entire business.

The suit also claims that Facebook hijacked “Timelines” internet traffic, but a simple Google search will show that Facebook is the first result, but doesn’t even show up on the front page. also claims that their Facebook page was hijacked ( although the hijacking has seemed to cease.

I don’t see how this will amount to anything less than a pure childish temper tantrum over Facebook coming up with yet another update no one seems to want anyways.


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