Amazon May Try To Acquire Palm And webOS From HP

The consumer technology rumor mill is at it again. This time with reports of Amazon being a front runner in a list of companies in talks with Hewlett-Packard (HP) to acquire what is left of Palm and the webOS business. Devindra Hardawar from VentureBeat had this to say: “a well-placed source tells us that HP is currently looking to rid itself of Palm as soon as possible, and that Amazon is the closest to finalizing the deal, among a handful of contenders.”{ Amazon is in a perfect place with their growing tablet portfolio and market strategies to have success with webOS where HP could not.

Neither Amazon or HP would respond with any comment on the matter as they do not respond to speculations. One thing that could be telling is that John Rubenstein, former Palm CEO, former HP Senior Vice President of webOS, and now currently HP Senior Vice President OF Product Innovation, has been serving on the board of Amazon for nearly a year now. So could this have been baked for sometime now? If HP were to sell what is left of webOS, then any buyer would surely get a much better price than the 1.2 Billion that HP originally paid for Palm. But would such a purchase include all of Palm’s Pantent Portfolio as well? That could be the real purpose of a purchase for Amazon.


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