Samsung Proposes Deal With Apple In Australia To Sell Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung is doing whatever it takes to be able to sell its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. Samsung has now reportedly offered Apple an under the counter deal which is beneficial to both companies so that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 can be allowed to be sold in Australia.

WSJ had something to say on the matter:

It wasn’t clear what benefit Apple would gain from any agreement, as details of the proposed deal were not discussed in full in front of the court. But Apple’s attorney, Stephen Burley, conceded there was some potential benefit from an agreement on the matter. “(Samsung’s) inconvenience would be diminished and we would be comforted” by such a deal, he said. Justice Annabelle Bennett said that the proposed deal wouldn’t give Samsung the satisfaction of a final answer to the dispute, but Mr. Catterns said it would at least allow the company to sell its new tablet computer ahead of the crucial Christmas sales period.

Samsung would indeed get the benefit of ending some of the legal issues they are having with Apple and also be allowed to get their product to market in Australia. Apple and Samsung are currently involved in 20 lawsuits with each other in a total of 9 countries in the world.

It is not clear if Apple would make a deal with Samsung or wait for the courts to rule. The deal offered by Samsung to Apple could mean that Samsung is not confident they will win this round and might actually be blocked from selling their Galaxy Tab. What do you think? Should Apple make a deal with Samsung?

Update: Bloomberg had more information:

Samsung agreed this week to withdraw two features from the Galaxy 10.1 which allegedly infringed Apple’s patents. That reduced their dispute in Australia to the one patent over touch- screen display technology.

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