Amazon Silk Browser Coming to Windows and Mac

After Amazon’s press release yesterday about the new Kindle Fire tablet and the browser it runs named Silk new domain name registrations were spotted by Fusible that indicates that Amazon might have plans to bring the browser onto other platforms.

Among the list of domain names registered yesterday, two of which stood out suggesting that the Kindle Fire’s browser could be available on other devices in the near future. The domain’s and were to two that caught the most attention, fueling rumors of the browsers migration to the Windows and Mac operating system. is also listed which could suggest that the Silk browser could also be offered on the Android Marketplace for the Android platform (which the Kindle Fire uses) which could show plans to offer the browser for more the mobile platform as well.

The expansion of Silk to desktop OS’s would make sense for Amazon, especially with the manner at which Silk uses to render pages in the cloud to improve load times for end users which would likely prove to be popular, even with Opera already doing something similar. While companies buying a domain for a product idea far in the future isn’t uncommon, it is still a rumor worth looking into and an idea worth hoping for.


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