DirectTV Admits That Nobody Wants To Pay $30 To Watch A Movie

DirectTV had announced a plan back in April to offer new release movies at home at a price of $30. This price point was much higher than the price at an actual movie theatre, however $30 is the total price for the movie with no person limit on your couch.

Now DirectTV has admitted that almost nobody has actually purchased the $30 movies and admits that the price point is too high:

The service is part of an attempt by studios to harness pay-TV as they seek new ways to sell movies and counter shrinking DVD sales. Few customers will purchase the premium rentals unless the quality of the movies improves and the price comes down, White said in an interview. “They’re priced too high for consumers,” White said. “We didn’t choose that price, but that’s where the studios forced us to be.”

The high price is not set by DirectTV, rather the big movie studios in Hollywood. The movie studios are still stuck in the stone ages where the movie theaters determined how well a movie did based on the opening weekend. If the movies studios cannot offer a reasonable price for their content on demand then why even offer it in the first place? Hopefully some of these movie companies see the light soon it could mean big bucks for them.

Netflix already understands that the DVD business is on its way out and parted with it almost gracefully. Is it time for the movie companies to do the same?

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