Can An App Determine If Your Son Is Gay?

The question of homosexuality has been around for some time and now a controversial French App has been released on the Android Market called “Is My Son Gay?” This begs the question, can a smartphone App or any program determine through a series of questions if someone is gay? I think not.

The App is 99 cents in Euros which is very cheap considering it is ultimately determining the sexuality of your child. The App is simply a series of questions that once answered will ultimately give you the answer to the question “Is My Son Gay?”

The questions the App asks are pertaining to homosexual stereotypes like personal grooming, manner of dress, enjoyment of musical theater, and interest in sports. These questions are nothing more than stereotypes and are normally taken with a grain of salt. One does not have to like sports and hate musical theater to be considered straight in society. These kinds of questions have been around for a very long time and returns about 3.7 million results on Google. I doubt this App will make very many sales for people actually looking to answer the question about someone.


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