OnLive Launches in UK with 150 titles

The cloud-gaming company OnLive has lunched its services in the UK with BT as a partner. This is OnLive’s first expansion outside of the United States and the launch comes with all the games that OnLive supports on their platform.

UK users will get the benefit of having a “mature service” and a large array of games from day 1, with BT users (18+) having the ability to register and try OnLive now by going to The 3 month trial period will include 100+ games and unlimited access for free.

This will also be the first time that OnLive has partnered with a service provider which brings hope that there might be a chance for OnLive to be linked with a service provider here in North America in the future. This is especially important with the development of Gamestop’s own cloud-service gaming platform. I hope that this expansion gets the company more recognition, as both a personal user of the service and as someone who see’s this as being a really intuitive and resourceful way for gamers to stream games from any device rather than being confined to a systems requirements.


So, to any UK readers out there; any of you excited or interested in trying OnLive?

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