Eric Schmidt CEO Google Testifying Before Senate Live

Google CEO Eric Schmidt is appearing in front of a Senate Committee with accusations that Google’s search results are being influenced. The accusations also accuse Google of favoring its own results above others on the internet.

Google is the dominant search engine on the internet which controls 65% of the search volume on the internet. Google has the potential to either make or ruin a business. Google results bring in over 90% of traffic on many different websites. Google is being accused of a monopoly antitrust because of its position in the search arena.

Google has substantial advertising revenues and owns a variety of different companies and services it offers. Google has expanded into many different areas and has raised concerns that Google has moved into deceptive practices on the internet. Google having this many different services puts it in a position to place its own services above others. Many other accusations are being made about Google’s Search Dominance.

The hearing is live on CSPAN right now, check it out. Source Video

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