No iPhone 5 On T-Mobile This Year Says Exec

Bad news for T-Mobile customers in the US, A T-Mobile Exec says that the iPhone 5 will not be coming to their network this year.

“We are not going to get the iPhone 5 this year,” T-Mobile’s chief marketing officer Cole Brodman said in a town hall meeting on Monday.

Now the statement that Brodman made could be interpreted as T-Mobile could get the iPhone next year just not this year. Or the statement could be interpreted as T-Mobile USA simply not getting the iPhone. However T-Mobile UK has already had the iPhone for some time now so logic would dictate that the iPhone would also come to their US network.

It is also possible that T-Mobile USA is holding off on the iPhone because of the pending AT&T T-Mobile merger. Why create a separate iPhone when the merger will take care of that problem anyways.

The iPhone 5 will likely launch in the first weeks of October as rumors indicate until Apple actually confirms the release date. We will know more information as the purported release date nears.

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